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Alpha23 brings the fire and flava on “70” a totally unorthodox banger

There are so many unique rap styles in the ATL I mean this is the home of: OUTKAST, GUCCI MANE, KILLER MIKE, 2chainz, & a list of other amazing sounds and vibes. Well, it’s time to add “Alpha23” to that list because this “70” track ain’t like nothing you have heard before. When I originally listened to it I wasn’t sure what to expect but after that 2 minutes & 3 secs I knew that “Alpha23” was the truth and had a vibe that was all his own. Under the reverb and auto tune is a swagger and braggadocio that can only come from the smoothest of Atlanta players. He definitely spilled his drip all over this track and had me dancing to it as I wrote this.

“Alpha23” has been consistently dropping banger after banger and if you like “70” (which I know you will) then you should definitely check out his R&B vibes with the smooth banger “No Reason” OUT NOW EVERYWHERE! Also stay tuned cuz his next track “Cameraphone” is looking to continue this musical winning streak that alpha is currently on! I for one can’t wait to hear what’s up next for this dope artist. What do you all think though? Is he the 1 or the 2? Fire or trash? Great or garbage? Check out his music below and you decide for yourself!

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