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Alpha23 is About to Blast Into 2022 With a Hot New Mixtape

Alpha23 partners with Multi-Platinum & Gold producer for amazing new hip-hop project dropping in early ‘22.


November 29, 2021 / --

Fresh off an amazing 2021, Alpha23 looks to keep the momentum flowing in 2022 with his newly announced collaboration project “Supply & Demand”, a title he claims, with a classic “Kanye West-like” dismissal, may change prior to release. With at least 10 songs present, this will easily be the meatiest single release we’ve had from Alpha23 since he burst onto the scene in 2019.

Generally, as song reviewers, we initiate review session for newer artists with few expectations, and given this humble reviewer’s limited, previous, exposure to this artist, it was quite a pleasant surprise once the first song started spinning. Tentatively titled “500”, Alpha23 begins the song, and ultimately the entire project, with a countdown, followed by an aggressive and confident exclamation, “JUST GIVE ME MY PROPS”!

More than just the lyrics alone, which are fantastic throughout, the delivery, musicality and variations on this song, and broadly across the Mixtape project, show that Alpha23 can indeed standout and, possibly, become something special in this saturated music industry. However, since this is not a full review, detailed commentary regarding the project will be reserved for a later post-release date. With that said, if “no skips” is target artists should aspire to achieve, the early draft of this Mixtape presents a project that may rise to meet that lofty accolade.

For some, an equally exciting part of this project is the producer list, which consists of a single name, “CedDidit”, multi-platinum and gold producer with credits for NBA Youngboy, NLE Choppa, Lil’ TJay, Youngeen Ace, Lil Tecca and many more. This turns out to be a wise decision, as Alpha23 catches some serious hangtime over Ced’s amazing and dynamic beats.

In closing, Alpha23 delivers a stellar performance, showcasing an artist in full command of their craft! When asked when fans can expect the project to arrive; he simply stated, “This project will definitely put me on a lot of maps. I plan on dropping possibly in January with a few singles pre and post release for promo plus a video or two!”


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