Who is This New Rapper Named Alpha23: How is He Bout to Change The Game!

Alpha23 in Atlanta shot by @leedox2
On Top Of the World Bae!

Originally article found in Disrupt https://disruptmagazine.com/who-is-this-new-rapper-named-alpha23-how-is-he-bout-to-change-the-game/

Hi Alpha23! How are you?

Answer: Hey, thanks for asking, I’m really good. I feel good! Pockets is straight! Momma healthy! Got my investments heading for the moon! Just copped the new Foreign! Can’t lie, “life is great”!

For the most part I’m just working 24/7 on my music and this marketing & promotions company I started. I’ve got a ton of new material coming out just about every week that I’m really excited about.

Tell us about your background, how did you get to where you are today?

Answer: I was raised in Atlanta by way of NYC. I’ve been Influenced by artists like Outkast, T.I., Young Thug and others. I draw inspiration from a lot of artists; I think Andre 3000, especially, set a high bar with his versatility. That’s something I modeled myself after. That’s one thing I think a lot of Atlanta artists bring to the table. You listen to Lil Baby, or even a new wave of ATL artists — they’re not just rappers; they have more of a harmonious sound blending the melodies, etc.

Where are you from and where do you currently reside?

Answer: I was born in New York and moved to Atlanta at a pretty young age! Atlanta definitely raised me.

When did you start music?

Answer: I’ve written songs since high school, but actively started pursuing music as an artist in 2019 and have since released over 60 records.