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Hip Hop Star Alpha23 Raps About Fraudulent Side of Music Industry On New Single "SCAMZ"

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2021 / -- It is easy to be impressed by Alpha23 and his team. The fan favorite rapper from Atlanta is back at it with another hit! Only this time, the hit is aimed at his haters.

The multi-talented songwriter has spent the last month+ working out of beautiful, sunny, California. Despite this, the recent string of hits has continued unabated and the streak remains intact with his newest single "SCAMZ", out now.

"SCAMZ" opens with a futuristic instrumental and a beat somewhat reminiscent of another recently released hit, "Ronin Kenshi", as Alpha23 raps on the first line:

"I'm smart as f*** but I can't lie. Got hit with some scams this year."

Deep Thought

On the track, he eludes both directly and metaphorically to the more fraudulent side of today's booming music industry. The rapper points out that no matter how smart a person is, anyone that's aggressively navigating this business, will eventually come in contact with the less scrupulous operators in today's game.

Listen to Alpha23's entertaining message on the full track available here: "SCAMZ" - Alpha23

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